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Always profesional from front office to assistants to the office manage and of course the doctor. Where other orthodontists looked into my mouth and pulled out a seemingly random number,  Dr. Salmassian did an full assessment before making a decision that would cost me more time and money.  And being a licensed medical professional I […]

This is the place to be for Invisalign! Dr. Salmassian and his staff are exceptional! The office is beautiful and beyond clean. The equipment is cutting edge. The staff always is smiling and happy so you must believe that the leader (Dr. Salmassian) must be fabulous to work with. From a patient perspective, could not […]

I first payed my visit to the the Salmassian office couple years ago. At the time I wasn’t ready to get braces, but Dr. Salmassiam made me feel very comfortable, he explained me the process, he was so detailed that my mother and I had no questions at the end. The first thing I noticed […]

I want my braces off already! Orthodontic treatment can have life changing benefits. It can transform smiles, improve speech and function, and increase overall self esteem. However creating a beautiful and healthy smile is not an overnight process. The most common question I am asked from patients is “when are my braces coming off”. This […]

How do Braces work? Since ancient times people have designed ways to move teeth and improve their smile. Primitive forms of, what we now call “braces”, have been found on skulls of ancient mummies. Even Hippocrates and Aristotle in 400-500 BC both pondered about ways to straighten teeth and fix various dental conditions. Straight teeth […]