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The Advantages of Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions

Santa Clarita, CA – If you’ve ever had a dental impression taken, chances are good you had a mouth full of goop that you hoped would cure quickly! But with today’s modern technology, that is a thing of the past. At Salmassian Orthodontics, we utilize digital impressions to provide us with digital models of your teeth from which we can create your custom orthodontic treatment plan.

Digital impressions are highly accurate, providing us more precise images of your smile so we can see exactly what your orthodontic issue is. Once we have that, we can create the best treatment plan to correct your issues.

Digital impressions are much easier to capture, too. A small wand will be moved inside the mouth, taking precise measurements and images that are then pieced together to create a complete image of what is happening inside your mouth.

We love digital impressions for several reasons. First, they are much more comfortable for our patients. We know that the impressions we used to take using the material that would harden in your mouth was not a pleasant experience. With digital impressions, you can relax and sit back while the wand does the work.

We also love digital impressions because of their high quality. When compared with traditional impressions, digital impressions are much more accurate. And that’s good news for you because it means your treatment plan will be more precise.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, you deserve cutting edge treatment using the latest and greatest technologies. At Salmassian Orthodontics, that’s what we strive to provide. Not only do we use the very best technological advances in our treatment options, we use cutting edge technology in every aspect of our practice.

Not only do we use digital impressions, we also use digital X-rays, as well. This allows us to see precisely what is happening in your mouth, down to the smallest detail. They also emit the smallest amount of radiation possible, so you don’t have to worry about radiation exposure from more traditional X-rays.

Digital X-rays paired with digital impressions allow Dr. Salmassian to provide the most personalized and comprehensive care available. At Salmassian Orthodontics, we are committed to providing The highest quality orthodontic products, paired with the most up-to-date technology and tools. And when combined with our meticulous planning and expert care, your guaranteed treatment that goes above and beyond.

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