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How to choose the right Orthodontist Selecting the right orthodontist can be difficult because patients don’t always know what to look for or who to trust.  Certain factors need to be considered to help facilitate this task, the first one being the doctor himself. Is he/she a true orthodontist or a regular dentist performing orthodontic […]

Retainers are appliances that are used following orthodontic treatment to maintain the final position of the teeth. They play an integral part in the overall orthodontic process and are an absolute necessity for all patients at the end of treatment. Retainers come in various shapes and forms. However, there are two main types: removable and […]

Partial versus Full Orthodontic Treatment   Orthodontic treatment can have life changing benefits. Creating an esthetically pleasing smile, establishing a healthy bite, promoting overall health, and improving one’s self-esteem are only a few examples of such benefits. A typical orthodontic treatment involves full braces on the upper and lower teeth and can take anywhere from […]