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How do Braces work? Since ancient times people have designed ways to move teeth and improve their smile. Primitive forms of, what we now call “braces”, have been found on skulls of ancient mummies. Even Hippocrates and Aristotle in 400-500 BC both pondered about ways to straighten teeth and fix various dental conditions. Straight teeth […]

Do Braces Hurt? This is often the first question I am asked during a consultation. It is also one of the toughest to answer. Pain is subjective in nature. It is unique to each person and there is great variation. We all have different pain thresholds and we all deal with it differently. Most people […]

Can my dentist just do my braces? Orthodontics is the first specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the study and treatment of malocclusions, or bad bites. There are unfortunately a growing number of general dentists performing orthodontics and even sometimes calling themselves orthodontist. This can be quite misleading to the general population and may […]

Can I afford orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment can have life changing benefits. It not only improves one’s smile, but also increases self-esteem and self -confidence. More and more people are looking to straighten their teeth and get that Hollywood smile but many delay or refuse treatment because of the perceived high cost of it. Unfortunately, […]

Braces and Surgical Orthodontics Braces are used to treat a variety of malocclusions or improper bites. For the majority of the population, a simple course of orthodontic treatment can lead to a beautiful and healthy smile. However, in some individuals the underlying problem is the position of the jaws and not just crooked teeth. In […]

Braces and Adults In our modern society more and more emphasis is placed on looks and appearances. Constant exposure in the media along with greater health awareness has caused an increasing number of adults to seek orthodontic care. Based on the severity of the case, several treatment options exist for the adult population. The majority […]