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What To Consider Before Getting Braces Have crooked teeth? Wished your parents got you braced when you were younger? Well, it is never too late to get the Hollywood smile always wished you had! If you are thinking of getting braces, this article will reveal some useful information you should know before making a decision. […]

Are Braces safe? The field of orthodontics has gone through great technological advancements in the last century. The braces used today are much smaller, stronger, and safer than what they used to be decades ago. I am often asked if braces are safe for the teeth. The answer is yes. If placed properly by a […]

Do Braces Hurt? This is often the first question I am asked during a consultation. It is also one of the toughest to answer. Pain is subjective in nature. It is unique to each person and there is great variation. We all have different pain thresholds and we all deal with it differently. Most people […]

Braces and Surgical Orthodontics Braces are used to treat a variety of malocclusions or improper bites. For the majority of the population, a simple course of orthodontic treatment can lead to a beautiful and healthy smile. However, in some individuals the underlying problem is the position of the jaws and not just crooked teeth. In […]