I first payed my visit to the the Salmassian office couple years ago. At the time I wasn’t ready to get braces, but Dr. Salmassiam made me feel very comfortable, he explained me the process, he was so detailed that my mother and I had no questions at the end. The first thing I noticed when I first walked in was how spotless the clinic was. I also noticed how friendly and professional the staff is. I remember visiting two more orthodontist in the area but they didnt meet my standards so I ended up getting my braces with Dr. Salmassian. Every month I had to come in atleast once. Every time I came in Dr. Salmassian checked my teeth, he was really on top of his work.  I loved how he always makes sure he checks every patient. Dr. Salmassian is one of the best  orthodontist in the area with a great team behind him. Overeall I had a great experience as a patient of Dr. Salmassian, not only he gave me a perfect teeth but he also helped me gain some confident with my beautiful smile. I recommend Dr. Salmassian to anyone kids or adults he really takes care of you
I guarantee you that you will walk out of his office with beautiful teeth at the end of the process.

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