The Power of a Beautiful Smile

If you’ve been hiding your smile because it’s crooked, misaligned, or filled with spaces, you may be doing yourself a disservice. According to researchers, smiling makes us happier which in turn makes us healthier. Research also shows that people who smile more tend to be friendlier, easier to approach, and more successful in their lives […]

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adult orthodontics

Am I Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment?

Did you forgo braces in your teens and now want to find a way to improve your smile? Have you noticed that as you age your smile has shifted enough to make you a bit self-conscious? Well you are not alone. Today, one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18. As we […]

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orthodontist cosmetic

Aren’t Braces Just Cosmetic?

Have you heard the misconception that orthodontic treatment and braces are only cosmetic? While orthodontic treatment does have an end goal of providing patients with a beautifully straight smile, the benefits run much deeper than that. Related posts: Risks of delaying orthodontics Treatment Surgical Orthodontics Explained How to choose the right Orthodontist Retainers and Orthodontic […]

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Patient with low profile metal braces

Braces or Invisalign? Which is Right For Me?

Standard metal braces or Invisalign treatment, which one is the best option for you? While some cases may come down to a personal preference, for other orthodontic patients, the doctor may recommend one over the other. The first thing I always like to tell my patients is that today’s metal braces are probably not like […]

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How long do I have to wear my retainers for?

The retainer phase of orthodontic treatment is the last and final phase in the overall orthodontic process. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the final alignment of the teeth and the beautiful smile that you and your orthodontist worked so hard to obtain. Retainers come in many shapes and forms. The basic function of […]

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2 cups of Starbucks in exchange for a beautiful smile

The esthetic benefits of a perfect smile are countless. Straight teeth also allow for better oral hygiene, healthier gums, more harmonious jaw functions, and better overall health. Many assume that getting the perfect smile is out of their budget and something they simply cannot afford. For adults especially there is a general belief that they […]

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Invisible braces

Advanced Technology for Today’s Braces

Advanced Technology for Today’s Braces Orthodontic technologies have greatly improved the effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of wearing braces for today’s patients. Many people who were once concerned about having to wear large metal brackets and thick bands on their teeth for years are now enjoying healthy new smiles thanks to shorter, more discreet orthodontic […]

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Straightening Your Teeth

Straightening Your Teeth Is Good for Your Health

Straightening Your Teeth Is Good for Your Health Straightening your teeth can work wonders on your smile, but did you also know it may help lower your risk of developing serious diseases? Crooked, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth are harder to keep clean and tend to harbor more food and bacteria. This can lead to […]

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What is a Board Certified Orthodontist?

What is a Board Certified Orthodontist? Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. An orthodontist is a specialist in the dental field who has extensive knowledge with all issues related to the jaws and bite. Unlike a general dentist who focuses on dental check-ups and maintaining the health of the teeth and gums, an orthodontist […]

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Digital impressions

The newest trend in orthodontics: Digital impressions

The newest trend in orthodontics: Digital impressions Impressions or molds of the teeth are an integral part of orthodontic treatment and, along with radiographs and photos, constitute what’s commonly known as “orthodontic records”. They allow the orthodontist to easily reproduce and visualize a patient’s teeth and bite and play a vital role in creating a […]

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